Basement Parallams Delivered

Last week, Tague Lumber dropped off two parallams. John ordered both to repair structural damage to the first floor caused by excessive weight from the hoard.


The basement measures 17′ x 27.’ The 27′ span will be bridged with the two parallams. One is 12′ and the other is 16′. The reason John ordered two parallams is to offset the lally column. Otherwise the lally column would be dead center, when entering the basement, and in the way. By offsetting it, we won’t have to walk around it and it gives us room to move in the new furnace as well as other things. (Ron, the draftsman, went over what needed to be done with the parallams.)

The cost for both parallams was $750 including tax and delivery. It took four days from day of ordering to delivery day. They’re stored temporarily in the garage.

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