Bathroom Tile: Before & After Grout

Before grout…


After grout…

image image

Next: Wall tile…

10 thoughts on “Bathroom Tile: Before & After Grout

  1. Nice.

    I love tile. I love to have it in my house. I love to install it. Well, maybe not love but compared to a lot of other jobs I prefer it.

    Looks great. Can’t wait to see the walls. Soon you’ll have a finished guest bath and a little more experience before you tackle your own bath and the kitchen.

  2. Love seeing the progress on the house! It’s like a manual on what to look for when having remodeling done.

  3. Very nice. I have tile like that in the bathroom of my 1926 bungalow. I’m not sure if it’s original, but it’s at least 50 years old and still looks great! When you get overwhelmed with this huge renovation, just go in there and remind yourself how great it will be soon!

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