Before & After Photos of Backyard


Two weeks ago, the back yard was littered with empty Rubbermaid and Sterilite plastic bins. Over Christmas week, John along with a day worker emptied the contents of all the bins in the rear of the property. On a warm spring day we placed half of the empty bins on the curb. People stopped and took them. The other half of the bins from the back of the property were strewn everywhere. The remaining bins that were still full were stacked to the side of the house and behind the shabby addition. A couple of weeks ago, the full bins sat on the property and I was not a happy camper. It was two months past the deadline date in the contract and I had now put my foot down.

IMGP2619I had ordered another Blosenski 30 yard dumpster to literally throw the remaining stuff in the bins OUT. By throwing the contents out, we could finalize cleaning up the yard, empty the hoard in the shabby addition in preparation for tearing it down. But Bill stymied my plan. He said he had to go through all of the bins and take what was of value to him. Of course, this was another delay. Meanwhile, the dumpster, which is expensive, sat in the driveway– almost empty– so that Bill could come over and pick through each bin over several days. Thankfully, Blosenski gave us a few extra days.


And that is what happened. Bill came over and picked through all the bins seen here at the back of the addition as well as the bins along the fence line to the right of the addition (above photo).


The after photo…the bins are finally gone.


This is 1/2 of the empty bins. As I mentioned the other half were given away at the curb. I took this photo from Bill’s upstairs bedroom looking over the roof of the addition.


With the exception of some bins to the left and clustered around the shed, the vast majority of bins are GONE. This is how the backyard looks now. The forsythia and cherry blossom trees have exploded.

IMGP2634And more bins on the east side of the addition near the side entrance door. Bill went through these bins as well.

IMGP2619 IMGP2667As Bill sorted through all the bins, John stacked them. They were then brought out to the curb. The average price per bin is about 11 or 12 dollars. Multiply that by a 1000 bins.

IMGP2694Meanwhile, the dumpster was sitting and only 1/4 full. Bill actually took the stacked boxes out of the front of the dumpster. They were taken to yet another one of his storage units to be put to rest.

Today, the dumpster was picked up. This was the fourth dumpster. There would have been many more dumpsters but a lot of the junk that was thrown out is not allowed in dumpsters. The junk was separated and recycled. And all metal was taken away by our “metal” guy.

Of course now I have an aversion to all plastic bins or anything plastic.






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