Before & After Photos: Original Master Bedroom

There’s always a spike in hits on my blog when I publish before & after photos.

Last week, I had to take John to the emergency room to get stitches near his eyebrow. He had turned the light off in the second bedroom where he had started to drywall and walked back into the dark room and bumped his head on something. It cut his eyebrow area and required stitches.

So off we went to Bryn Mawr Hospital. The physician’s assistant did a great job stitching him up. Fortunately, the cut wasn’t so deep that it would require a plastic surgeon.

John told the assistant about the blog and she said, “Her mother is fascinated with hoarding shows and watches them.” So many people say the same exact thing to us, but then I explain my blog is all about renovating our house. If they want to see hoarding photos they have to go way back in the blog where it shows John cleaning it up. I actually block this stuff out of my mind, it wasn’t fun; it was depressing, but we had a goal in mind and that was and is what we look forward to.

I’m always amazed at how many people watch those shows. To me, it’s depressing, but for others I’m assuming it’s entertainment. I have never watched those shows–I’m more of a PBS viewer (in fact last night I watched The Royal Paintbox). I’m also a Jeopardy addict. I have a little fantasy about being on the show and winning but I don’t have the time to “study” for being on the show.

So here is the original master bedroom BEFORE which I filmed and posted on YouTube. To watch, click here.

Phone photos 255

The other day I stood in the same spot and took the following photo of what the room looks like now. Empty, clean, white & bright….just the way we like it. A clean slate for painting and decorating.

Just think of all the paint colors I can consider for this room which will be the guest bedroom. It was the original master bedroom.

John and I have favorite destinations where we have visited multiple times and we have named each one of the three original bedrooms after our favorite dreamy places. This room is called Chamonix, where Mont Blanc is located. To read an article I wrote about it, click here.



John made deep window sills where I can place small house plants or an orchid. I have big plans for how this room will eventually look right down to the last little detail. Everything takes time………………


11 thoughts on “Before & After Photos: Original Master Bedroom

  1. I have watched shows about hoarders but not for entertainment. My interest is in the reason why/how they got that way. What happened in their life and how do they work to change. Because I’m interested in how the brain works, I once thought I’d be a psychiatrist. Now I think I NEED a psychiatrist ????

  2. I watched a few hoarder shows but, they really depressed me !!!! I super enjoy following your story and seeing the improvements !!! You’re doing a wonderful job !!

  3. My Hoarder in the Hood is a total fascination because she’s so far afield from the norm and she hates having to comply with rules or laws, yet sadly she is like many hoarders who do not take care of their pets and thus far has lost large dog and cat due to failing to feed them proper food and her second cat who meanders around my yard is showing signs of neglect as well. Though as to her newest acquisition of a cute little dog, I fear for him.

    I’m glad John is ok. He’s done well considering the many tasks he’s undertaken.

    Your house is a testament to what skilled homeowners can do. I’m so impressed and I’d love to live in it.

  4. I really enjoyed reading about Chamonix , I’m so glad you shared the link. Now i’m even more excited to see how you decorate this room & all the others in your house.

  5. I was visiting my parents today and tore a page out of a magazine with you in mind. There was a chair very similar to that basket one you liked. It’s made of a tough canvas but the price is much more affordable than the basket chair. It’s weatherproof and comes in three sizes. It’s called the Cacoon. $250 which is a lot less than the basket one.

  6. You should check out the Dulux Visualizer app. It let’s you take a photo of a room or do a live visualization with different paint colors. Totally addictive!

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