Before Video & After Photos: Original Master Bedroom

While John continued priming walls in the rooms I took a 2-week blogging break. He finished priming the walls in the original master bedroom which is on the 3rd level of the house. There are 3 bedrooms and a hall bathroom on this level. As most of you know, the original part of the house has been rebuilt.

Below is a photo that I took in the summer of 2014; it’s the hallway which leads to the three bedrooms and bath. It was taken before we bought the house, but we had already begun a major clean-up outside.

At the time I never thought that I would start a blog about buying a house from a hoarder and rebuilding it. Otherwise I would have taken more interior photos. Regardless, it would have been difficult taking more photos due to the fact that each room was packed so tightly from floor to ceiling that it was impossible to get perspective.

I started taking most of the photos after John broke through walls of heavy boxes and books, among other things.

The door on the right is to the original master bedroom.

Here is the master bedroom during the spackling phase.

The walls were primed last week. Click here to see what the room looked like when we first cracked the door open (video).

John started priming the bedroom/bathroom west wall first. Over a year ago, he framed this wall out in order to fit a 36-inch shower. It previously had a 34-inch shower which was a tad too small so he took 2 inches from the room to allow for the larger shower. He also framed all the other walls to create the deep window sills and bays for the insulation; he did this throughout the house.

There’s nothing like new drywall and a fresh coat of primer to brighten things up and make a room look more spacious.

I have ideas about how I’ll be decorating this room which will be a guest bedroom.

The window that faces west…

The entrance to the bedroom–the door in the first photo is long gone!

3 thoughts on “Before Video & After Photos: Original Master Bedroom

  1. Looking good.

    Deep sills are good for something else too – fitting in curtains, shades, or shutters. That is one big problem with our renovation. The modern, sleek window finishes mean that I can’t get shades that fit into the window. The shades have to sit on the outside. This compromises the ability of the window treatments to insulate and prevent light leakage.

  2. Hi Sue,

    In reviewing the before photos it’s obvious you could see enough to know the house could be made over and so beautifully as well. And thank you so much for sharing every step of the way allowing us to nearly feel it ourselves.

    I suppose the best that could be achieved in a home is to have a nice neighborhood that’s well established, a house worthy of the effort, the massive lot and room for any type of garden you wish to create.

    So here’s to Paradise!

  3. Funny how many of us have guest bedrooms that are never used.

    In the almost 30 years I’ve lived in my house it’s only been used once, by me, when I put up guests in my master bedroom so as not to spoil a surprise anniversary party for my parents on their 50th. Other than that, all out of town guests stay in hotels or at my parents’ house. So my guest room is really a sewing room and now will be used for watercolor work. It still has the bed, dresser, etc. But I never call it the guest room. The other bedroom is called the library because it has two desks two chairs and bookcases full of books. No bed. But it has a closet to technically it’s a bedroom. Never been used as a bedroom, not even by the original owners.

    Even the condo I lived in and the apartment I rented prior to that had two bedrooms, one for me and a “guest” room. Never used. I always have my sewing machine set up in them.

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