Black Rotary Phone For Sale $40

I have another retro black rotary phone for sale. It’s from 1956. It needs new wiring. Other than that it’s in great condition. If you’d like to buy it, please email me…

I accept payments at PayPal. Shipping & Handling is $15. Total $55.00



One thought on “Black Rotary Phone For Sale $40

  1. And the treasures keep popping to the surface.

    I’m hoping you come across something more interesting.

    My house was pretty much cleaned out, but I did find blueprints of a 1949 remodel rolled up on a shelf in a closet. Three was one original light fixture from the 20s in the garage when I did my walk through, but when I took possession, someone had broken one custard shade and an arm. Irreparable.

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