Box Bay Window

Adding the fascia and soffit on the box bay window yesterday…


A sealed-up house gives us peace of mind. Now we have protection from a bat, squirrel or bird from getting in the house. And we’re also protected from rain from swirling up under the eaves on a stormy and windy day or night. (This happened last January when we had a huge snowstorm. Because the house wasn’t sealed up, snow got in the new addition. We had to replace the insulation).

That won’t happen again…


Moving along before it gets really cold outside…


9 thoughts on “Box Bay Window

    1. The HVAC system was finished in February. We turned the heat on for the first time in March. It’s been off since April. So far, it has been a mild autumn and we haven’t yet turned it on. We’ve been using Vornado room heaters which work great. We’re expecting a cold front later today so we’ll turn the furnace on tonight. 🙂

  1. As someone who is battling squirrels with wire, foam and $$$$ (squirrel guy) congratulations! They are hateful little buggers. I’m looking forward to pictures of you both cozy indoors with snow outside

  2. I believed from your description and the plans you posted that 319 would be a vwey pretty house. These new posts are proving it will be even prettier!

  3. I see you’ve got a new photo on the top.

    Congrats on the progress.

    You are so close to paint. Have you chosen colors? Flooring? Appliances for the kitchen?

    I am just so excited.

    1. I just put the new “header” photo up on the blog 25 minutes ago. We already have all the appliances for the kitchen, they’re stainless steel Maytag. I’ll choose the wide plank wood flooring after the kitchen is painted.

  4. Are you doing that flooring in just the kitchen or throughout the house or a mixture of wood and carpet?

    If you do carpet, get the best you can afford but get the absolute highest quality padding you can. My parents did that, and actually had an extra pad under the quality pad and that carpeting lasted for decades. Must have been close to 30 years. It was cleaned periodically but the extra pad really helped it wear very well. It was also really good carpeting but it’s the pad that made the difference.

    Now that the walls are almost done, you’ll be priming and painting. You don’t really have to choose colors right away unless you just want to get it all done before the flooring goes in. When I moved in to my really old house I just painted everything white until I decided what to do. My walls were white for years. I would do a room or two at a time once I decided what to do but it took me years to decide. Once I did, that was it. I’ve only repainted the bathroom and kitchen, which are still white.

    Same with the yard. After I could afford to put in the hardscape it was years before I could decide on the landscaping. I still haven’t finished permanent plantings. You already know you’re going to be doing hedge pruning and a garden. But with less maintenance on the house there’s more time for the yard.

    1. We’re going to install wood flooring throughout the house. However, I might do carpeting in one of the guest bedrooms. I will definitely do as you suggested with installing a quality pad and extra pad. I know I want a white kitchen, white walls and down the road install exposed beams on the ceiling. I don’t want to get overwhelmed thinking about all the rooms at once and what color each one will be. I have ideas swirling around in my head but I’m going to take it one room at a time. After the kitchen, we’ll paint the living room with the vaulted ceiling. This is where I’m deciding on whether to go dramatic or stick to a “safe” color.

      1. Paint is cheap and you can always repaint.

        I took it really slow and lived with white for a long time until I decided what I wanted. There really is no hurry. I think my living/dining room was the last. I did the foyer and my bedroom second. The first room I did was the library as my visiting cousin helped me take down the old wallpaper and I had a deal for free installation of new wallpaper. I think I did a room a year so maybe 5-6 years before I had finally finished everything. Not counting the bathroom and kitchen which have stayed their original white.

        One of the reasons I waited so long was furnishings. I had some family cast offs that I knew would eventually be replaced. That’s why the living/dining room went last. They were the last rooms to get permanent furniture. Also I had some art pieces and lighting fixtures that finally got installed.

        You’ve lived in a home so I’m sure you’re decisions will go a lot faster than mine. I only lived in a condo and didn’t paint anything. There was carpeting throughout so I had to decorate around what was permanent. When I moved into my own home there were two things I knew; I didn’t want off white walls and I didn’t want carpeting.

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