Brick for Raising the Chimney

Yesterday, Ron, the mason dropped off the first load of bricks at the house.


Ron will use the brick to raise the chimney a little over 11 feet. This has to be done prior to the framers arriving to frame the new roof and addition.IMGP4009



Today, Ron came back and set up the scaffolding. He can’t begin work until we have the building permit.


John had to trim a few branches off the maple tree because they were in the way for the new chimney elevation.

IMGP4030  IMGP4028

Hopefully Ron can start work on the chimney next week.


I have to talk to Ron about how we want the chimney embellished a little when he caps it off. I found this chimney rebuild online (scroll down) with a raised stone cap that we both like for Brick House 319.

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