Brick House 319 Featured on

On Friday, published an article on Brick House 319. Last spring, I did a telephone interview with one of the editors. On Friday, I noticed an extreme spike with unique visitors to my blog and I assumed the article must have been published. Click here to read the article.

On another note, the photos of the house in my last post appear upside down because I took them with my iPhone. My camera broke so I started taking tons of photos with my phone. However, I didn’t know that when taking photos with an iPhone, if the volume is pointed down, the photos will be upside down when uploading photos to Windows. The strange thing is that I wasn’t using the volume. The photos appear upright on my laptop (I rotated them to be upright), however many people have sent me emails commenting that the photos appear upside down. I will try to rectify this glitch.


In the meantime, the only reason I haven’t posted in the last couple of days is due to the photo glitch.

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