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Yesterday, I tried to access my blog to publish a post and my server was down. I’m on a shared server and that means when I get a huge spike in organic visitors (new people to my blog), the server can’t handle thousands and thousands of people hitting on my blog all at once so the server will crash.

Late last night, I finally accessed my blog and saw that the reason it crashed was due to an article about Brick House 319 published on It’s a similar article to the one published on Good Housekeeping a couple years ago. To read it on, click here.

So a major tip for anyone out there who has a blog that can get a huge spike (in the tens of thousands) spend the extra money for your own server. Do not get a shared server. I use Blue Host but GoDaddy is great too.



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  1. Wow, Sue, it was amazing to revisit the beginning of the project ! The amount of work, patience, and money involved is staggering !!! You guys are remarkable ! I read every blog and enjoy each one. Looking forward to the decorating phase (someday !!!! 🙂 ) Keep on keepin’ on (one of my late Dad’s favorite sayings !)

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I’m hoping I’ll win the lottery. With a fat budget, the decorating phase would be finished in a jiffy! Realistically, it will take time. Thanks for following along!

      1. Sometimes having time is an advantage. It allows you to live in your style, change your mind a bit, or do some extra research to avoid pitfalls. Of course, it also means that that chair you had your eye on is no longer in production or your can’t get that hue of fabric any more.

        I had a beautiful large claw foot oak table. Had it repaired and refinished. Never did get chairs for it. By the time I finished with the living room I was into 30s waterfall so I sold the table (at a profit) and bought a waterfall dining table with four matching chairs. I love the veneer of that period. My coffee table and side tables are also vintage. Because they used shellac, I was able to repair the finish on them easily.

        I am so glad I bought my posters before they went out of print. Had them all framed and in the living room before I even had furniture.

        Sometimes having a ton of money is a curse. Your house in instantly done and looks like a lovely magazine spread but nothing has any meaning for you, and it becomes dated in a few years.

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