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Merry Christmas Everybody!

Well, after a four-month hiatus from blogging I decided a couple days ago to resume my Brickhouse319 blog. On Christmas Day I replaced the header photo with the front Dutch face where you can see a small tree in each window, I made the blog public again and started writing this blog post.

What a coincidence it happens to be four months to the day of my last post. When I stopped blogging, I made the blog private and had not accessed it until today. I really did go cold turkey with blogging and I just fell off the wagon and started it all up again 🙂 (Blogging can be addictive!)

Needless to say, the last four months flew by.

In a nutshell, I stopped blogging for several reasons. But, recently, I began to miss my blog especially after we got a couple of big projects finished; I kept thinking of my loyal followers and the comments that they would have written (as well as suggestions).

So I’ll pick up where I left off last summer and fill all of you in on the completed projects and the project we’re working on now. I hope most of you are still around!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Susan & John

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  1. I was wondering yesterday how the house was coming and thinking how much I missed your blog! Glad you have decided to resume updating us on your progress.

  2. I missed your blogs and have wondered how you have progressed with the house. I followed you from the beginning but am not likely to comment. Since we have built a house and a cabin with some help from friends I can relate to your project.
    I am glad you are back😊

  3. Welcome back! I missed your blog and am so glad you’ve decided to resume posting.
    Hope you and John had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you both a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year. Warm Regards Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Merry Christmas to you, too. It’s so nice to see familiar names commenting. Thank you for remaining subscribed to my blog and commenting…most appreciated! SF

  4. So glad you are back! I have thought of you, John and the house and wondered how it looks now. I look forward to your updates. Thank you for starting up again.

  5. Really glad that you are back! I’ve been wondering how far along the house has come and I’m looking forward to seeing how you decorate it. Welcome Back!!!

  6. Waking up to an email notification that you are going to start posting to your blog again brought a smile to my face. I am looking forward to learning about the progress on your house. Happy New Year to you and John! Welcome back!

  7. Merry Christmas Sue! What a delight to know you are reinstating your blog. I have thought of you and John often these past few months and wondered how you were doing. Welcome back. Wishing you and John all the best in the coming year.

  8. Glad you’re back and even though we’re not British, I celebrating your return as a Boxing Day gift to all of us! Looking forward to your catching us all up on all that’s happened at the house! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xo

    1. Thanks for reminding me that it’s Boxing Day in the UK! So glad to hear from you! Merry Christmas and best wishes to you for a Healthy and Happy New Year!

  9. I am so excited. I have missed reading about your progress. I have followed you since about the beginning when you started cleaning out the house.

  10. Yay what a great birthday present! Glad you’re back but understand why you took a break. Sometimes social media seems to consume our lives. Looking forward to seeing what else you’ve accomplished. Have a great holiday.

  11. Yea.
    Your back. I missed reading you’re stories and, the progress on your home.
    Thanks fo coming back.
    Can’t wait to catchup on reading about the progress on your home.
    Merry Christmas and, a happy healthy new year for 2018

  12. Hooray! I’ve been wondering if I should track you down and see how things were going! We are about to embark on the bathrooms on our fixer (not as extensive as yours, mostly tweaking for personal taste and to get the 90’s out, LOL). Can’t wait to see how things have progressed and to read about your travels. Welcome back!

  13. Happy yo have you guys back again – including the pups! I’m not on Instagram, so couldn’t even follow you there. I, too, have been around since just about the beginning and had always looked forward to reading your blog. Thanks for writing again!

  14. Yay! I’m so excited to see what you both have accomplished on your place. We’ve been remodeling and I’ve missed your tips that you would give. Hope you are well!

  15. YIPPEE!! Gosh, has it only been 4 months?! Seemed like forever, now you’re back! Having followed you and John since those first days (fighting the jungle to peer through a window)…well, yes, it was hard to give you up. Reenergized and reinvigorated: HAPPY NEW YEAR, SUE & JOHN! So excited to see what’s been happening. 😂 (tears of joy)

  16. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to hear you’re bringing the blog back. Thank you so much. I followed from the very beginning and am looking forward to seeing all the changes you’ve made. Merry Christmas!

  17. Sue and John; I am delighted you are back! You’ve been missed, for sure. I cannot wait to see the progress you’ve made on your home.

  18. So glad to see you are back in the business of blogging for the public.
    I certainly have enjoyed all of your entries.
    Best wishes for the New Year to you and John.
    Many thanks.

  19. I’m thrilled to hear this good news. I grew up in Huntingdon Valley and know your area fairly well so love to hear about projects rehabing older homes.

  20. Delighted you’ve decided to share your lives with all of us again. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and that 2018 is your best year yet.

  21. Thank you for continuing to share your house “journey”. I missed the photos and updates. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you and John.

  22. Yay! I was so happy to see this pop up today! Cannot wait to see and hear all about the house (and pugs!!)! Merry Christmas to you, John and pups!

  23. Thrilled you are back! Variety is the spice of life, and reading your blog from time to time is a healthy dose of something different from MY regular day to day, is simply interesting as most of us has done home improvement in varying degrees (you two are a whole new level and I love it!), and inspires me to do some additional reading and research on many a topic (from tools to Philadelphia architecture and more!). So, thank you for opening up your lives to us again and gain! <3 JennG, via Maine, Mass, Spain, and NC!

  24. I’ll certainly join all the above comments to say — So glad to see you’re back!! Thanks for at least resuming it for a little while as we missed you!! Your house looks lovely with the Christmas trees in the windows!

  25. I am so happy you’re back. I’ve missed your pictures of and comments about the work on your house. I also enjoyed your reports of visits to historical sites, including pictures. Living in Kansas, it’s so unlikely I’ll ever see some of the historical sites you visit.

    I also missed the pictures of new products and your reviews.

    I hope you and your husband had a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.


    1. I definitely will continue with writing about local historical sites and product reviews. Thank you for your interest! Wishing you health and happiness in 2018!

  26. glad you’re back. Over the last 4 months I would think about your home renovation and wonder how it was going.

    Can’t wait to get caught up!

  27. Thrilled to see this in my inbox (a little late in catching up on my email). I love seeing your progress. Looking forward to catching up on what’s been going on and seeing what’s to come! Welcome back ‘home’!

  28. Wonderful surprise when I opened my email today to find your return. You and John have been missed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  29. So glad you have decided to continue your blog. Always looked forward to your posts and updates on how the house was coming along. Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and excited I can once again look forward to reading the Brick House 319 blog!

  30. I’m so glad you’re back. I missed not knowing what progress you had made.

    Don’t feel the need to blog every day or even every week. Take it as you can and when you stress out, take a break.

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