Going Down to the Basement

I wrote about hanging drywall in the basement stairwell  a couple of weeks ago (you can see photos here).

Before John screwed in the drywall under the stairs, he wrote the blog address on the riser. Maybe in 50 or 100 years, someone will come across it and say something like, “What’s a blog?” or “I wonder why someone wrote this?”

I asked John, “Did you use a ruler to write that so perfectly?” He said, “No.”

He covered it up.

The 17′ I-beam in the above and below photos supports the second floor in the original part of the house. The beam is the length of the bonus room and garage.

The spackling and sanding is finished. Now it’s time to prime.

The stairs to the  left go up to the living room and kitchen.

And to the right of the stairwell is the bonus room.

John is using The Drywall Hawk with Wood Handle to hold the joint compound (click here). Here’s another brand, for less money. And this one is under $25. You can also use a mud pan (we have a couple), click here.

Walboard putty/tape knives used:

6″ (click here)

8″ (click here)

12″ (click here)

Walboard Utility Knife used for cutting drywall (click here)

Mudroom & Bonus Room


During this major heat wave, John installed the drywall on the lower/ground level where the bonus room and mudroom is located.

The door on the left leads to the garage. First we have to install the door before installing the Sheetrock on that wall.


Looking toward the mudroom and back door leading to the patio…

We also have to wait to install the drywall on the mudroom ceiling because the plumber needs access. Therefore, we also have to wait to install the next drywall panel on the wall. Ceilings are done first, before walls.image

I stood in front of the entrance leading to the garage when I took this photo of the mudroom. The living room is straight ahead, one level up, where the duct work is located.

As of right now, we have to leave the mudroom as is until the plumbing is complete.

I would eventually like to install faux wood tile in the mudroom.

Painting the New Basement Wall

Yesterday morning, I left the house at 4am to work a trip to Jamaica. While I was away, John sanded and primed the east wall with Kilz 123.



The square opening to the right is the fireplace cleanout. The square opening on the upper left hand side is where the basement window will be installed. The gas pipe and duct opening for the Maytag gas dryer is the center of the photo. The Maytag washing machine will be to the left of the dryer, and to the left of the washer, will be the utility sink.


When I returned home at 8pm, I walked downstairs and saw the freshly primed wall with one coat; John had started rolling the second coat.

The wall is really bright and cheerful. Since the lighting isn’t installed in the basement yet, the three work lamps cast huge shadows and the photo doesn’t do justice to the clean, bright white wall.

John finished the second primer coat last night. This morning the Maytag washing machine and dryer were hooked up; I’m ecstatic to have both appliances. Since we sold our house in NJ almost three years ago, I have lived with the inconvenience of not having a washer and dryer. Another lesson learned; I’ll never take for granted the luxury of having both appliances at my disposal.

Taping & Applying “Mud” in Basement


Today, John taped and spackled the drywall in the basement.


It’s time consuming…


We purchased drywall joint tape at Home Depot.


And we also purchased mold resistant tape.


Corner bead is for exterior corners and tape is for interior corners.

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