How to Install Trim

This week, we’re focusing on trim and baseboard throughout the house.

Yesterday, John installed 3 1/2″ trim around the mudroom door. We purchased 16 foot trim boards at Home Depot. One board is enough for the left and right side of the door.

When purchasing material at Home Depot or Lowes, if you see a flaw, ask for a discount at the Pro Desk. Trim flaws can be avoided with a mitre cut.

Scraps can be used on smaller openings; we have hall and linen closets with small openings.

John added shims to ensure the vertical trim was on the same plane as the horizontal trim.

The cable wire will be re-directed soon.

John uses 2-inch finish nails in his nail gun to hit the framing (2 1/2″ nails create a larger hole).

The trim will be caulked so that it looks like one piece before painting with semi-gloss. 

Between the ceiling and the top of the trim, there is a 1/8th-inch gap–just enough space for a caulk line. The caulk line eliminates any difference in height from left to right.

It’s rare for any ceiling to be perfectly level, so when the 1/8th-inch gap is caulked, it will marry the trim to the ceiling for an appearance of a “leveled look.” Otherwise, it would look “off.”


Did you Know?

Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending occasion after Christmas. In 1840, Valentine cards became mass-produced. 

Valentine’s Trivia:

As far back as the Middle Ages, Valentine greetings were popular. However, written Valentine’s didn’t begin until after 1400. The oldest known Valentine still in existence was a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following his capture at Agincourt. The Valentine is housed at the British Library in London. is Back!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Well, after a four-month hiatus from blogging I decided a couple days ago to resume my Brickhouse319 blog. On Christmas Day I replaced the header photo with the front Dutch face where you can see a small tree in each window, I made the blog public again and started writing this blog post.

What a coincidence it happens to be four months to the day of my last post. When I stopped blogging, I made the blog private and had not accessed it until today. I really did go cold turkey with blogging and I just fell off the wagon and started it all up again 🙂 (Blogging can be addictive!)

Needless to say, the last four months flew by.

In a nutshell, I stopped blogging for several reasons. But, recently, I began to miss my blog especially after we got a couple of big projects finished; I kept thinking of my loyal followers and the comments that they would have written (as well as suggestions).

So I’ll pick up where I left off last summer and fill all of you in on the completed projects and the project we’re working on now. I hope most of you are still around!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Susan & John

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If any of you would like to see my daily Instagram photos or for those of you who have Instagram accounts, you can now follow me. (You don’t need to have an Instagram account to look at my photos/account.)

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I’ll be posting photos daily, some with tiny stories. The great thing about Instagram is that I can feature photos that might not necessarily be published on my blog. I love how Instagram is instantaneous and that I can snap a photo and have it live in seconds.

I  hope to see some of you over there…

Have a wonderful & safe week!


Linden Hall is For Sale in Gladwyne, PA

Photo Courtesy Kurfiss Sotheby’s

Where: Gladwyne, PA (About a 12-mile/20-minute drive to Center City Philadelphia)

Circa: 1928

Size: 50.50 acres

History: The French Norman-style estate was owned by the Dorrance family (Campbell Soup Company) for over five decades. The current owner selling the property is Robert Burch, a venture capitalist and former brother-in-law of fashion designer Tory Burch.

Price: Originally, 24.5 million. Now 16.5 million.

To watch a 5-minute Sotheby’s video, click here.

I like the aviary, geese in the pond and the swing.