Solid Image-Bonus Room

The ground level bonus room is painted. We’re ready to install flooring next.

The primed west wall before rolling…

And after rolling…

John will make a small door for the drain in the corner…

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Solid Image-Mudroom

John will build cubbies for this wall and the wall on the right.

I took this photo at 2:00pm when the north-facing mudroom is filled with natural light.

Only two minutes later I took this photo standing in a different spot and the wall appears darker.

John will build a bench underneath the window.

The outlet is left of the door. The light from the window behind me and back door to the right brightens and lightens the color.

The wall leading to the Bonus Room.

Let it Rain!

Yesterday, I posted a couple painting videos on Instagram. To watch, click the feed on the right.

Instagram videos can be up to one minute.

On Tuesday, John spent the day cutting in both rooms.

There are so many gray hues to choose from at Sherwin Williams.

When John brushed on the first stroke of color in the room filled with natural light, I was instantly happy.

I asked John if I could help with cutting in the bonus room. He said, “Let me do it and you can help later with the other rooms.”


Concentrating with a very steady brush…

John said, “You can tell this is quality paint; it goes on like Teflon.”

Back in the mudroom where I cracked a joke.

The mudroom faces north so the paint appears a smidge darker.

We decided to paint the beam gray and the underside white.

The wall on the right leading upstairs will be painted bright white along with the door and windowsills.

After finishing cutting in both rooms, the last step before rolling the walls is to run a spackle knife over the primed sections. This takes off any specs making a totally smooth surface before applying the finish coat.

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