Cement Clean-up & Recycling (Future Patio)

IMGP3592After John was finished with the jack hammer rental, he returned it to Taylor Rental (Total $47.88 for 24-hr rental). They allowed him two extra hours for free (Thank you!).


Now it was time to throw all of the cement chunks into the back of the pick up as well as load barrels and take all of it to the recycling company.


On Friday, it was 93 degrees with extreme high humidity. John’s best friend was Gatorade along with #50 sunscreen.

The first load was just under 1 ton and the cost to get rid of it was $38.00

Yesterday, John was finally able to get a helper to finish clearing out the cement rubble. The recycling company was open until 11:30am (Saturday), and with the help of Fredy, who hails from Ecuador, they loaded the truck two more times before closing time. While John delivered the cement, Fredy loaded buckets in the basement with more broken-up cement–where John had used the jack hammer for the forthcoming French drain.

IMGP3595Now, small pieces remained that needed to be shoveled into the barrels. The fourth and final load is in the truck for Monday drop-off.

So far the cost of the DIY bunker roof & cement pad/patio demo:

-Recycling: $145.00 (4 loads/average 2000 tons each)

-Jack Hammer Rental: $47.88

-Helper for 6 hours: $75.00

-Pick-up Truck Fuel (gas guzzler): $40.00

TOTAL: $307.88

To hire someone to do the same job would be thousands. For John, it’s sweat equity.





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