Cement Tile for the Basement Floor: Bordeaux from Cement Tile Shop


I would like to use encaustic cement tile in the basement where my floral workshop/business will be located.

I started reading about cement tile and how it’s incredibly durable. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to find ‘Bordeaux’ Black & White 8×8 cement tile from Cement Tile Shop (shipping warehouses in Phoenix, Tampa & England).

A little backstory: The first hydraulic presses for making encaustic cement tiles were installed around 1850 at Viviers on the embankments of the Rhône. And the first cement works were located in this region of France. Due to the outstanding durability and esthetics of cement tile, the “new flooring” developed quickly from Lyon to Marseilles, and workshops were set up everywhere.

In the following photos, Bordeaux  is featured on a kitchen wall behind a range.

Bordeaux - Image Credit, Crush Collective (2)

For the basement floor, I wish the tile was available in a larger size since there’s quite a bit of floor space to cover but I have found that 8×8 is pretty much a standard size with cement tile.

It would also be perfect for the small guest bathroom floor, where I’ll be using white subway tile for the walls.

The Cement Tile Shop shipped off a sample yesterday so I will soon see what it looks like in person.

Photos: Courtesy of Cement Tile Shop

Bordeaux - Image Credit, Crush Collective (1)




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