Click on the Upside Down Photos to Upright Them!

I just read a comment from “Christine.” She said to tell everyone to click on the upside down photos to make them upright. THANK YOU, Chrisine, for this big tip!!!!!

When the photos appeared upside down, I researched on the Internet why this happens, when taking photos with an iPhone. Many websites explained that it’s due to how the iPhone is held horizontally when taking photos.

Unbeknownst to us, when the volume button is pointed down, the photos will be upside down. If the volume button is pointed up, the photos will apparently be upright.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I don’t have time to correct the upside down photos, but hopefully, if all of you click on the photos, they’ll become upright.

I’m now taking photos holding the phone to create upright photos; I hope it works.

Here’s one…


Let me know if this photo I took this morning is upright.



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