CODE: Cutting the Vapor Barrier 12″ around High Hats aka Cans

In our township, it’s code that the insulation vapor barrier is cut 12″ from the high hats (cans).


We spent today doing this time consuming task–we have 70 high hats throughout the house.


I took the three photos of the vaulted ceiling in the new master bedroom. With the insulation neatly stapled, it sure looks cozy in there.


I spoke too soon when I published the post stating the insulation was finished. At the time, the insulation was placed in 85% of the bays and I was super excited. But at that point, John still had to go back and staple all the insulation to the bays–and he’s a perfectionist! He also has to cut around every outlet in the house and there are many. At the time, I didn’t realize we weren’t even close to being finished. After all, this is a one man job; we don’t have a crew of people.

Additionally, due to the gambrel angles in the vaulted living room and master bedroom ceiling, John had to contact Owens Corning and ask for advice concerning inherent idiosyncratic design features and how to properly insulate. They have been a big help answering our questions.

4 thoughts on “CODE: Cutting the Vapor Barrier 12″ around High Hats aka Cans

  1. John’s perfectionism shows in the insulation install, it looks so cleanly done. I can see the love going into your home, even in the insulation.

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