Concealing Wall-mounted Flat Screen TV Cords

With so much to do and to think about when doing a top to bottom renovation along with new construction, there is always something, a small detail that is overlooked. Concealing wall-mounted flat screen TV cords was one thing we didn’t think about.

Fortunately, someone stopped by the house recently and asked us about the various locations for the flat screen TVs. He told us that we absolutely had to buy “In-wall TV Connection Kits” at Lowes. I’m so glad he saw the house before the drywall installation. I went to Lowes the next day, bought three kits (about $30 each), and John ran the 14-2 wire and RG6 coax cable to the approximate height where the flat screen TVs will be plugged into the wall. He stapled both wires to the stud in the selected bay with 2ft of extra wire coiled up.


The kit will be installed after drywall and painting is finished.



John marked the subfloor beneath the bay where the wires are located so when it comes time to cut the drywall to access the wires, they’ll easily be found.

We’ll have three wall-mounted flat screen TVs in the house. Above is the location at one end of the living room, near the kitchen.

In the master bedroom, the flat screen will be mounted just above the French doors.


And on the lower ground level, a third flat screen will be in my art studio/craft room, next to the mudroom.



4 thoughts on “Concealing Wall-mounted Flat Screen TV Cords

  1. Good idea. I didn’t know they had these things.

    Good thing you’ve already decided where you’re going to put the TVs.

    Do you need to do any wiring for wireless in the house?

  2. Glad you were told about the wall mounted kits. We just moved into a house that did have the TVs mounted on the wall. Unfortunately we had to put new cables in. This turned out to be quite a project as the space for them was only about four inches wide and they had packed insulation in it. We had to get the insulation out of the space before we could run the new cables between the top and bottom holes. This was an inside wall and I think they could have forgone having the insulation in that small space. Just an idea in case you ever want to upgrade the cables.

  3. I so wish our house had those connection kits on the wall. Now you’re making me wonder how hard it would be to install them here šŸ™‚

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