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  1. Sue,
    If you are looking for discounted, but quality furniture you need to go to the GreenFront warehouses in either Manasas or Farmville, VA http://www.greenfront.com/. When I lived in Lynchburg, VA I went to Greenfront a couple of times. I have purchased amazing solid wood endtables from them as well as a gorgeous entertainment armoire. A friend purchased a small sectional sofa that is amazing. I have been to the Farmville one – cute village atmosphere and there is a pretty good restaurant near warehouse 1. Worth the travel.

  2. Hi. We are following your kickstarter campaign. We are willing to pledge $1,000 towards your Kickstarter if you run a simultaneous campaign on our site, Yotto.org. We are free for you to use, and never charge you anything. We are offering this deal because we are new and want to get the word out about Yotto.

    If you are interested and would like more information, you can email me ed@yotto.org. If you are in New York and would like to meet up, just let us know. Thanks!

  3. I have been following your blog from the beginning. I love it. My question to you is this: Are the neighbors around the house happier now that you have bought the house and cleaned up the property? I live in a historic neighborhood. We had a elderly neighbor that had become a hoarder. We could not get him to clean up the mess. Court fines were nothing to him. When he passed it became worse (It would be several years before the out of state child did something.). We were all so happy to see the house finally emptied and sold.

  4. Thank you for posting these pictures and your journey. They have made me feel much better. My sons and I are dealing with my ex-husband homes. Three to be exact and all of them were and are just like what you have dealt with. Worse in ways and better in other ways. I love looking at what you have done.

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