Daltile’s Rittenhouse Subway Tile & B&W Hexagonal Floor Tile Has Arrived!


The UPS Freight truck delivered eight boxes of Daltile’s Rittenouse Subway Tile earlier this week and two boxes of black & white hexagonal floor tile. With the arrival of the tile, we’re one step closer to having a functional bathroom.

After thoroughly researching tile, I approached Daltile and told them how I would like to use their USA-made tile in the guest bedroom bathroom (our first of three bathroom projects). I asked the company if they would be interested in sponsoring our bathroom renovation project. Daltile was generous in providing the wall and floor tile which I chose for the guest bath.



I decided on 3×6 semi-gloss Arctic White subway tile for the walls.


And I decided on 2″ hexagonal B&W mosaic floor tile which transports John back to one of the bathrooms in the house where he grew up–built in 1886. For me, whenever I see subway tile, it takes me to the London Underground.


First, John will install Durock and then the tiling project will begin; I can’t wait! Instead of the traditional offset pattern, I’m considering a Traditional Herringbone pattern for the subway tile walls or possibly Diagonal Herringbone. Either pattern adds personality to a basic white wall.

For anyone thinking about using colored subway tile, the sky’s the limit in the creative department when choosing fun and interesting patterns such as Crosshatch, Straight Herringbone, Running Bond and Diagonal Offset. Choose two different splashy colors or go bold and dramatic with black tile.

8 thoughts on “Daltile’s Rittenhouse Subway Tile & B&W Hexagonal Floor Tile Has Arrived!

  1. Congratulations your partnership with Daltile. I love the semi-gloss of the Arctic White subway tile. Am looking forward to your B & W mosaic hexagon floor. I checked out Daltile’s site and was impressed with the color choices of the stock and custom tiles. Thanks for the tile research you did.

  2. Nici. Very classic.
    I had a life long friend and her dad was a minister. There church was built before the Civil war and the ministers house had that tile.
    I always love the bathroom.
    Good luck can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.

  3. Yay for a finished bathroom!! Great move on getting the partnership with Daltile. A true partnership works both ways, and they are smart to see the value of your blog readership. I love the classic choice for the guest bathroom. You can’t go wrong with black and white. How exciting to see the continued progress, as I’ve been following since the beginning!

    Dare I ask…how is the drywall going?

  4. Congrats. So simple, beautiful and classic.

    Lay out the herringbone first (maybe on some black or grey background the simulate the grout) to make sure it is what you want. I think herringbone around all of the walls may get a bit busy. It will also require more cuts in the corners, top and floor. But laid fastidiously (which I know you and John will do) it would be stunning.

    Have you chosen any sort of trim tile for the edge? Something that looks like a chair rail or molding? I have black edging my white counters and back splash in my kitchen. I love it.

    You are going to be able to do anything in that bathroom.

    Sea glass bath accessories with pale green towels. Or cherry red. Even cobalt blue. Purple! Or pink.

    You can even stick with black and white and get checkerboard or striped towels or mix the two.

    I can’t wait to see what you do.

    I hope you can continue your relationship with Daltile.

    Perhaps in the next bathroom ask them what they’d like you to experiment with. You might get something that hasn’t hit the market yet.

    Tiling goes pretty fast. Once you have a working bathroom will you then turn your attentions to the kitchen? With a bathroom and kitchen, you could move in and work on the house while living there.

  5. Great deal getting the bathroom sponsorship. I can hardly wait to see the finished tile & which pattern you’ll use & the grey grout. It should be beautiful.

  6. It seems to me you are way behind on getting sheet rock up. I understand about the Durarock in the bathrooms, but are you doing that to get a working bathroom, before general sheet rock install?

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