Dewalt Table Saw & Mitre Saw Has Arrived

Last Friday, I heard a knock at the front door. John opened it and I overheard him say, “I’ll take anything that’s black and yellow.” I knew, without even looking or asking, that the Dewalt saws had arrived.

Dewalt has partnered with me by providing Dewalt tools for John to use for the ongoing renovation at Brickhouse 319.

John has been buying and using Dewalt drills and saws for 20 years and it was time to get new. Since he has always liked, purchased and used Dewalt’s durable, workhorse tools and equipment, I asked Dewalt for tool sponsorship.


The Dewalt 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Saw has a 15 amp, 3800 rpm motor for extended power and durability. John will be using this saw a lot for crown and base molding inside the house.


Here is John’s 15-year old Dewalt Mitre Saw on top of the box just delivered. He said, “The saw ran like a champion for all those years.” (It still works!)


We also received a much-needed Dewalt 10″ Jobsite Table Saw; John’s old table saw (different brand) was on the “cheap side.” He said he had bought it because it was “inexpensive.” It served its purpose but he wanted Dewalt all along.

The table saw will be used today for the bay window roof and for the rest of the siding job (lap and straight edge shingle), among many other projects at the house.


When Joe arrived this morning he told John to set up the Dewalt table saw outside in front of the bay window. John grabbed the box, and of course, had fun opening it.


When Joe saw John pull the table saw out of the box and place on the work table, he said, “Boy, that’s built like a brick house!”

The table saw comes with a “scissor stand.” You have the option to place it on a table or setting it up on the stand. Since it’s been raining a lot here, they chose to place it on the table.


The saw arrived with a blade already installed, which is great.

Installing the safety guard was the first thing John set out to do.


Straight out of the box…


With the safety guard installed and ready to cut.

11 thoughts on “Dewalt Table Saw & Mitre Saw Has Arrived

  1. Boys and their toys! Love it! The Dewalt team has been taking care of my projects for years, they are just great!

  2. Oh, man. I so want a compound miter saw. I rented one just once and loved it.

    I might actually build stuff if I had one. I’ve been wanting to build a rolling garden bench but with just a small hand held circular saw never got up the enthusiasm.

      1. Sorry, other end of the country. The commute would kill me.

        Someday I will build it. I have the wheels and some other components. I haven’t settled on a final design yet, but I want to sink empty kitty litter plastic bins into the top so I can fill one with soil for scooping and filling pots, and another to brush the excess soil into to clean the bench. They’d both have some sort of plug on top flush with the top of the bench. I’d also like a shallow shelf above for small pots and with hooks underneath to hang tools, two long handles on both sides that would also be for hanging towels and such and a shelf underneath for extra pots and misc. and for stabilizing the legs. I want the four legs to be 4x4s and use heavy wheels on the bottom, all four being able to turn 360 and lock. I have large brick in sand patios in my back yard so wheeling it would be nice.

        But there are many projects in front of this one. I need to build a raised bed garden in my front yard first including redoing all of the irrigation lines.

  3. New high quality tools are the best! Must have felt like Christmas morning for you husband. As I was recently reminded at the hardware store, you can do any job if you have the right tools and take your time.

  4. Love it! I actually just got a compound miter saw for Mother’s Day (I asked for it). Can’t wait to start building some things! 🙂

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