DIY Flowers from Flower Explosion


As a floral designer, I’m collaborating with Flower Explosion, an online company which ships flowers to your door via FEDEX direct from the flower farms in Columbia and Ecuador.

For DIY brides who wish to create their own wedding flower designs, they can order their wedding flowers from Flower Explosion bypassing the middleman and the florist.

I’ll be writing a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own bouquet and centerpiece(s) for DIY brides.

The hydrangea in the above photo arrived from Columbia. It’s extremely popular for wedding flowers; they’re a showstopper on their own and extremely versatile. They’re fluffy and cloud-like and one of the most enduring wedding flowers. Whether it’s a bouquet, a garden-style centerpiece or a lush orb, hydrangeas are easy to work with in creating a variety of designs.


Garden roses with a high petal count is all the rage right now for garden-style designs. This rose is called ‘Wedding Kiss.’ It has a lovely light fragrance. When I took this photo, the rose had arrived about four hours earlier. I immediately conditioned them and the two dozen roses began to open up.

The most important element for DIY brides is timing. When flowers arrive shipped in a box, they need to be conditioned and they need time to open up. Depending on temperature, it can take several days.


For a whimsical vibe, ranunculus fits the bill. These flowers also create movement; they’re smaller than roses and also have a high petal account.

I’ll be writing in-depth about flowers on a regular basis. If any of my blog followers have specific questions about ordering and designing flowers for a wedding, a party or special occasion, ask away!



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    1. When flowers are shipped or bought at a wholesaler, they are without water coming from cold storage. Flowers have to be conditioned (revived) meaning stems cut, flowers placed in buckets of water with floral food preservative and have time to hydrate in a cooler or cool, dry area allowing the buds to gradually open. The flowers can also be sprayed with a preservative making them last longer (especially for a wedding). Crowning Glory is the best spray preservative.

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