DIY Green Board

John finished installing the green board on the master bathroom ceiling today. It wasn’t easy because there were a lot of cuts and angles. At times, it sounded like he was wrestling an alligator. I’m glad it’s finished!


The cuts included two Panasonic ceiling fans, heating/cooling feed and return along with high hats.


For the walls, we’ll install 1/2″ Hardiebacker.


When I took this photo, I was standing in the bathroom looking out the entrance to the hallway. Cutting the green board for the angled entrance was time consuming. First, a dryfit, followed by lowering the green board, applying DAP drywall adhesive (we buy it by the case) and then raise the green board again to screw in 1 1/4″ coarse thread drywall screws.

Tip: Make sure the flathead penetrates the drywall an 1/8″ but no more; this allows spackle to fill the hole but doesn’t compromise the holding power of the screw.


Looking at the ceiling of the walk-in shower. We’ll add two small high hats which will be dropped between the joists for shower lighting. The wiring is already completed.


A high hat is at the angled master bath entrance as well and on a dimmer.

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