Easy Breezy Floral Arrangements in Bubble Bowl Vases

As a floral designer, I have lots of very simple designs which you can easily create at home. I made these small hand-tied bouquets which anyone can do.

tiny bouquets 011

Flowers sold at grocery stores are provided by the same florist wholesalers where local florist shops and wedding florists have accounts. So when people say, “they’re grocery store flowers,” they don’t realize the local florist got their flowers from the same source.

If you happen to have a Wegmans or Whole Foods in your area, check out their floral department.  Their flowers are always fresh due to a consistent turnover. Ask when they get deliveries and buy flowers on that day after they have been unpacked and conditioned.

First, purchase the 3.9″ bubble vases that I used–you can purchase them here.  A set of 12 is under $28.00 and they’re made in the USA. ($2.28 ea.) This price isn’t too much more than what I purchased mine for at a wholesale price.

For each bubble vase, use 6 fresh roses with a touch of foliage and filler flowers. Bunch the stems together and wrap with waterproof floral tape (sold here). Cut all stems at an angle with pruners (sold here) and place in a bubble vase filled half way with fresh water treated with floral food (sold here). To preserve your fresh flowers for a few extra days, it’s worth it to buy Crowning Glory (sold here).  If you don’t use Crowning Glory, lightly mist roses with water daily.

tiny bouquets 021

Transporting Flowers: Place vases in a sturdy cardboard box and pack with packing paper around each vase. If you have guests over for dinner, they can each take a vase home with them, especially since this size is easy to transport in a car.

tiny bouquets 041

I’ll be posting floral design tips weekly.

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7 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Floral Arrangements in Bubble Bowl Vases

  1. Thanks for the great tip re: the bubble vases and sending them home with guests! Selfishly, I usually arrange my flowers in slightly larger bubble vase (low enough to see over), but sending some home is such a lovely touch! Gorgeous arrangements, too. 🙂 xo

    1. You can place a large bubble vase in the center of the table to keep for yourself and the little bubble vases can be placed in a circle around the larger one or at each place setting. For people who work in an office, the little bubble vases are perfect for a desk and will last the entire week if sprayed with Crowning Glory. Thanks for following my blog, Savannah!

  2. I love Trader Joe’s flowers too! They seem to last longer and are very inexpensive too. Thanks for posting your blog; I look forward to it everyday.

    1. We have a Trader Joes nearby and you’re right, the flowers are fresh with great prices. Actually not much more than what they cost wholesale.

  3. They might also check to see if there are florist supplies locally.

    We have one where you can get a lot of vases, flowers and etc. way below places like Michaels or the grocery store. I got a huge bubble vase (I think it’s 16-18″ across) of my own. It held goldfish crackers for Dr. Seuss day and is being repurposed as a terrarium when I get the chance. (P.S. Don’t use them as aquariums. Mine holds less than 2 gallons. That’s not enough for one beta fish.)

    We also have a wholesale floral warehouse that you can go to early in the morning when deliveries arrive. So you can shop when the florists shop. Costco also has flowers.

    And there is also your own garden if you have one. Granted my roses are seasonal but I do like to cut them and other greens to liven up my own house when the opportunity arises.

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