Efrain the Tree Climber Topped the 70ft Oak Tree at Brick House 319

Yesterday afternoon, Efrain arrived to top the 70ft dead oak tree in the front yard. He’s originally from Puerto Rico and has been working as a tree surgeon since 1970.


Efrain and his helper brought a 40ft ladder which they leaned up against the tree. He attached two spikes to the inside of each ankle and then he put his harness on with attachments to hold his saw.

IMGP3080John had already attached a 200ft rope over the roof ridge and then attached it to the back deck hand rail. He did this to prevent anyone from taking the rope until he drops what is left of the tree.

IMGP3081John stood on the upper roof ridge of the house and took photos as Efrain skillfully manipulated the Stihl topping saw.

IMGP3082IMGP3084IMGP3085IMGP3089IMGP3091IMGP3093IMGP3095IMGP3096IMGP3097IMGP3098IMGP3099IMGP3101IMGP3102IMGP3107IMGP3108IMGP3109IMGP3111IMGP3113IMGP3114IMGP3115IMGP3116IMGP3119IMGP3120IMGP3122IMGP3123IMGP3124IMGP3125IMGP3126IMGP3127IMGP3128IMGP3129IMGP3130IMGP3131IMGP3132IMGP3134IMGP3136IMGP3138IMGP3139IMGP3141IMGP3144After Efrain’s expert tree work, John will pull down the remaining 35ft tree trunk and cut it up for firewood.


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