Entering Woodcrest in Radnor

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I entered the mansion from the courtyard entrance.

When the mansion was built, the large Tudor-style stable block and coach house formed the courtyard.

Each section was anchored by staff quarters.

I walked under the carriage porch to enter the mansion.

In 2009, Woodcrest was placed on The National Register of Historic Places.

I entered and saw dark wood paneling throughout the great hall.

The ornate plaster fleurs-de-lys ceiling was impressive; ornamental elements like this were designed to impress visitors.

It was quiet on the main floor; I didn’t see a soul.

Cabrini’s administrative offices are located upstairs…

I entered a room off the great hall where I saw an ornamented limestone mantel and another ornate plaster ceiling. I believe this room was once the living room.

Stepping back outside and walking under the carriage porch while looking up…

Exiting the courtyard to the left and through the archway…

Looking left at the south porch…

Getting a closer look…

I searched for more information on the mansion’s architectural details but very little is available.

What are your thoughts on Woodcrest?


4 thoughts on “Entering Woodcrest in Radnor

  1. Fascinating. I wish more of these European style grand homes had been preserved. I particularly love the surprise of the stone sculptures, as they are so varied. I wonder if they were representations of the stoneworkers themselves?
    One of my favorite “faux European” places is the Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles. So grand, and so relaxing at the same time. It feels just right.

  2. Well, I *am* impressed by that ceiling.

    I love how it is open to the public and at least the spaces that you see haven’t been bastardized. All to often when a home is used for offices, terrible things happen.

    I am just a sucker for stone and brick and beautiful wood and plasterwork. I’m happy to see the original wood floors with throw rugs rather than carpeting. The first thing I did when I moved into my house was rip up all of the carpeting.

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