Finished the Siding on the Back of the Addition!

Last weekend, John finished installing the fiber cement siding on the back of the new addition.

He started it back in May, but put finishing it on hold in order to spackle the first coat of mud in the house. Five months passed before he had the time to finish the remaining courses above the French doors.


I took this photo when he had just one more shake-style shingle to custom cut and install.

He also installed the soffit and fascia to close up the house before winter hits.


And here he is nailing it in with a nail gun. (It’s that time of year again when the maple tree on the east side of the house is a brilliant color.)


Fini! Now he has to install the siding on the front of the house above the bay window and on the west side of the house (to the right in this photo) above the box bay window.

We are really happy with choosing fiber cement siding. It took quite a few people to convince me, including several blog followers who used it on their homes, and I’m so glad I listened to them.

The fiber cement siding has color plus technology so John will NEVER have to paint it. It’s maintenance-free and classically pretty.

5 thoughts on “Finished the Siding on the Back of the Addition!

  1. Every step of the way to House Beautiful has been an amazing process. I agree your choice of siding was a good one as not having to repaint in the years ahead will be a bonus you’ll appreciate for the rest of your lives. How Marvelous!

    1. It’s nice to know John won’t have to climb ladders down the road to paint. A friend is talking us into Leaf Guard gutters so that he doesn’t have to clean the leaves out–no more ladder climbing in the future.

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