Finishing the Drywall in Master Bedroom

We now have the north and south side walls to do before the master bedroom drywall job is finished.


John started with a 12′ Sheetrock panel and found the center of the ceiling on the north wall which is basically between the RG6 cable and 14/2 outlet boxes above the French doors.

He then placed two wood blocks at the drywall seams as nailers for when the Sheetrock is placed on the wall.


John cut the obtuse angles on both sides.


This is the tool that John used to find the angles. The junction between where the wood handle meets the metal blade is placed on the drywall seam to determine the exact angle on the wall.


The drywall panel is cut and ready to be installed. However, John needs help with the dead man in order to do it.


He screwed two 2x4s together to make the dead man to support the drywall. When he hoisted the dry wall panel to the ceiling, I put the dead man in place.


John’s aligning the 2×4 followed by cutting it so that it’s the proper length.


The dead man is now in place and supporting the dry wall while John is using the T-square to mark the center.

We took photos of the wall and studs prior to installing the dry wall to know the location of framing for screwing in the drywall. It’s good to do this so you don’t forget what is behind it.


It took about 2 hours to measure, cut angles, cut out boxes, dry fit and screw the drywall to the studs on the north wall. Today, John will do the south wall.


4 thoughts on “Finishing the Drywall in Master Bedroom

  1. I don’t know Sue, but this sentence, “I put the dead man in place.” had me laughing out loud! I guess I’m not up to speed on the builder lingo, but this term is just priceless! You probably feel like a dead man after getting that sucker put up. ;-D

    1. It’s funny you thought that…when I was writing the post I thought how is this going to sound? But I just don’t have enough time to edit, edit again, edit a third time. I pretty much bang out my writing with one quick edit and publish it. We learned the dead man trick from the helper we hired a few times who helped John with the vaulted ceiling/drywall.

  2. Sue, You and, especially John, amaze me with the work you do to build your house. I know nothing about the building trade, yet find your posts fascinating to read. I can’t get over how much work John does without help. I hope you two manage to get some down time together occasionally.

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