Finishing the Flagstone Front Stoop & Steps!

I took the following photo of John on June 1st when he dug the footing for the front porch/stoop.

Fast forward five months when the masons began work in November.

They started by placing two courses of block on top of John’s inspected footing. The block went over the rebar that you can see in the first photo.

In the above photo, you can see the original stoop inside the new block wall.The masons poured the concrete over it to create the perfect pitch so that water would not pool.

After they poured the concrete, they made it smooth as glass. 

Meanwhile, the flagstone and old brick arrived.

After the the masons built the new stoop, they started on the steps leading down to the driveway.

They dug out large roots from small trees that John had pulled out back in July 2014.

Instead of parging the exterior block, the masons installed old brick to match the house. 

They installed the flagstone on the perimeter of the stoop so that the columns could be installed the next day.

While the masons worked, John was finishing up the Hardie straight edge siding on the front of the house.

Two days before Thanksgiving, the masons finished the job, including helping John install the columns. In the spring, he’ll paint them white to match the siding.

The day before Thanksgiving, Nick returned with his grandson. The final step was scrubbing the flagstone and brick with Muriatic acid.

After five months of stepping over (and tripping over) rebar and caution tape, I almost forgot what it was like stepping onto a stoop and walking down perfectly pitched steps with risers that make it effortlessly getting to and from the front door. This was a major TREAT!  (Merci Beaucoup, RRF!!!)

Before Nick left, I said, “It looks beautiful and it’s just what we wanted.” He replied, “It looks like it was built in 1954, when the house was built.” I said, “It sure does!”

It’s new with built-in character. 

And this morning, with a couple inches of snow on the ground, John wrote out a material list to finish the barrel porch. In January, I’ll decide on a new front door, and in the spring a new garage door. 

Next: Flooring!






30 thoughts on “Finishing the Flagstone Front Stoop & Steps!

  1. I just love the way this came out – the guys were master builders to make it look as if it has been there all along.

  2. Such a huge difference !! Exciting ! Love the look. Hope your new year is a good one. We are finally settling into our new old house (built 1971). Has taken some adjusting (actually ongoing) to live with both daughters and a son-in-law. They all work such difference schedules. We , also, have among us three dogs and 1 cat ! Never a dull day !!

  3. That is fabulous, very impressive and so professionally done. I can’t wait to read your next blogs! I’m learning so much-from the materials /products you’re using to the way that you are using those materials/ products!

  4. That stoop is fantastic. It seems like such a small thing compared to all you’ve done, but something so fundamental to a home is a huge milestone.
    Can you post a before/after picture of the front of the house?
    Are you and John living in the house? If so, how long have you been living there?

  5. The porch and steps look fantastic! It blends perfectly with the house and does look like it was built in 1954. Your attention to detail is wonderful.
    My thoughts on the front door and garage door:
    With my own house I always have an eye to security, privacy and practicality in addition to curb appeal. I chose a front door without big windows for people to see in. When somebody comes to my door, I can look through the peephole without them knowing I am there. That way, if it is an unwanted caller (solicitor) I can choose not to answer the door. However, having some windows (like at the top of your current front door) is nice because it allows natural light into the foyer/entrance.
    I like some of the newer garage doors with windows along the top because they allow natural light into the garage. But I like the windows high up so that somebody can’t approach the house and easily see into the garage. That way someone with bad intent cannot check out if there is a car in the garage to determine if we’re home or look into the garage to see if there may be some valuable tools that they might want.
    I don’t mean to sound like a downer, but there are break-ins everywhere.

    1. You and I are like-minded. I’m big on security and have exterior cameras, one is called RING. It’s so great to be able to watch the house live on our phones when we’re away. As for the front door, I will choose a door without windows. Since the house faces south, the two large windows and the bay window allow an abundance of sunlight. I don’t like windows in front doors unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  6. I love nothing more than a house with character, especially an old house. Needless to say, yours is one of my favorites. The masons did a fabulous job, and it does look original. Thanks so much for sharing once again. I really look forward to what is happening at 319!

  7. Crazy year – I ‘m so pleased to start out 2018 re-following your amazing progress! Your neighbors must be ecstatic – or maybe feeling peer pressure? I see Christmas decor in the window – you must have moved in.

  8. I absolutely love the old brick and flagstone. It is perfect. Yes, it looks original to the house, which is the greatest compliment.

    It must be wonderful to have those steps to enter and exit the front door now. Pretty soon, you’ll forget you never had them. It will be like they’ve always been there.

    The masons did a fabulous job.

    Can’t. Wait to see the porch barrel ceiling complete and what light fixture is going to hang there. So close.

    Yeah, there’s still landscaping but it has come so far.

    I’m so glad you decided to reactivate the blog and share the progress.

      1. OH! I could so see big bushes of hydrangeas with blue flowers between the steps and the house, under the windows or on the other side under the bow window. They would contrast with the brick so beautifully. I wouldn’t put anything that would grow very high between the street and that beautiful brickwork. It would cover it up. Man, they did a beautiful job. I can see some beautiful glazed pots on that generous stoop or maybe on the ground each side of that step, with maybe a matching pair at the other end. Maybe in a blue to match the hydrangeas.

        You are going to go just mad when Spring comes and you can finally start digging in the dirt an doing some more permanent landscaping. Are you pouring over catalogs and perusing nursery websites while the snowflakes gently fall?

  9. What a wonderful start to 2018–so glad you’re back blogging! I get the digest version of the blog and was so excited to see it in my inbox this morning. Mondays just were not the same without a Brick House 319 update. I have learned so much from you and your husband and fellow commenters over the last few years and it’s much appreciated.

  10. Wow ! Great job by your masons. I’ve been waiting to see the porch done for some time. It was worth the wait ! It would be nice to see the flagstone work on the landings. I’m looking forward to seeing the barrel hood finished.
    Keep up the good work !

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