Flagstone Pavers and Fieldstone Veneers for the Walled-in Patio

We took a look at the indigenous Pennsylvania flagstone which we plan to use as pavers for the walled-in patio. When the time comes to do the patio, we’ll cut the flagstone and create an interesting mosaic design. First we have to get the addition and new roof built and then we’ll do the patio.


The flagstone is 1” thick and will cost about $2800.00 to purchase for the 18×24 patio.


Before we do anything with pavers, we have to install the pipe and sump pump in the sunken patio–otherwise it will turn into a swimming pool and flood the house. The waterproofing business who coached John on the French drain installation will also assist in laying the pipe down for the patio.



We took a look at the rock walls on display too…


We’ll choose to build a brick fire pit which will be a nice contrast with the blue-ish/gray flagstone pavers and also tie in the brick from the house.


We looked inside at the rock veneer displays for ideas on the wall surrounding the patio. I like this fieldstone look.


Plenty of options with these ‘Old Philly Squares’ too…




This is the same company where John recycled the concrete from the house.


Whichever rock veneer wall we choose, we’ll top it off with a thick bluestone slab.



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