Flooring: Step by Step Photos in Guest Bedroom #1

After John finished the flooring in the master bedroom, he started in one of the guest bedrooms. This south-facing room will be used as an art studio.

Some of you will remember this photo that I took after we purchased the house over three years ago. I stood in the same spot when I took both photos. To the right is the entrance to the original master bedroom. Straight ahead is a second bedroom, to the left is the entrance to a third bedroom and hall linen closet; all three entrances are barricaded with stacked books.

Bill, the previous owner, stacked the books as a security feature to prevent anyone from making an attempt to peer in rooms which were filled from floor to ceiling. He was extremely orderly and would have known if one booby trap book was suddenly out of place. Regardless of the fact that he never allowed anyone in the house, this was his way of protecting his “things.” The room was stuffed with books, a few fulls sets of encyclopedias, miscellaneous electronics and the illusive stamp collection. Voids did not exist in this room!

I asked Bill, “Did you read these books.” He said, “No, I haven’t read any of them.”

Recently, someone asked me, ” Was there anything of value found in the hoard.” I said, “No.” Since then, John reminded me that there was a stamp collection buried in this room. When John was cleaning the hoard out with Bill, he was wondering why Bill was flipping the pages of every single book. I would stop by with coffee and stand in the room where we could see our breath in the air and I would curiously watch Bill pick up one book after another. He’d flip through all the pages and form yet another stack. John would be chomping at the bit to remove them in bulk but Bill wouldn’t allow it. If John had is way, he could have emptied the entire room/hoard in three hours. Instead, it took a full month to to pick through everything with Bill. 

John found out after the fact that there was something of value–Bill thought he had placed the appraised stamps in a variety of books. He eventually found them in a box and showed them to John. 

This pink-carpeted bedroom was a like a time capsule. Bill had a lounge chair facing the west window which was literally the only window in the house that wasn’t fully obstructed. At one point in time, before Bill pushed himself out of the room and permanently barricaded the entrance with books, he would sit in the sunshine streaming through the window. 

Fast forward to now…

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21 thoughts on “Flooring: Step by Step Photos in Guest Bedroom #1

  1. The flooring John is installing is so gorgeous. I love the way it keeps the rooms nice and light.
    I’m so glad you are back blogging about the journey you and John are making to transform a collector’s storage house to your dream home.

  2. Long time lurker. Glad you are back! We recently finished flooring two bedrooms using floating floors. I am jealous of all the open space to work. We just shoved everything to one side, laid what we could, then moved everything to the other side. The miter saw stayed in the garage with all the boxes of flooring. Felt like miles walking back and forth

    Congrats on the clearance flooring. It looks like special order with the light you have. Hope you have the heat working properly.

    1. John start laying boards down on the longest wall, which in this room, is the west wall. The sub floor happens to be in the opposite direction. Several flooring people said to always start parallel on the longest wall.

  3. Have you had any communications with Bill since he officially left your house? I hope he’s OK and happy wherever he is. Is he aware of your blog and, if so, does he follow you?

  4. Sue,
    Your flooring is beautiful! When i have looked for wood pieces-chests or tables-I have avoided partial board and/or other engineered wood that contain toxins, such as formaldehyde. Is that a concern for you two or is your engineered wood free of toxins?

  5. I forgot about your dogs! What are their names again? I remember one was a puppy, and the other one’s older.

  6. That floor is beautiful. I can see the thickness of the planks in some of the photos. They seem a lot thicker than the stuff my sister had put in or my parents’ had put in their house.

    Are you still planning on having the plant station in the basement bonus room.

    Are there plans to have the house assessed by a realtor to see what sort of equity you’ve built up? It must be worth a LOT more money now than when you bought it. I’ll be it’s now in the upper half of the local comperables rather then the bottom. But….your property taxes would still be pretty low, right? Is the county going to re-assess it when you’re all done and raise your property taxes?

  7. I had to laugh at the dogs in pictures! They are just like ours, right in the middle of the project so they can see what all the fuss is about. 😆

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