Floral Ball Structures at the Wynn in Vegas


The atrium at the Wynn in Las Vegas is adorned with large and lush floral sculpture balls hanging  from 50-year old Ficus trees.


Wynn hired acclaimed event designer. Preston Bailey who conceptualized the awe-inspiring floral displays.


Wynn Design & Development cteated the floral structures.


More than 50,000 faux flowers were used to create the floral orbs. The flowers look real!


The floral decor is so popular that it will remain indefinitely.

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3 thoughts on “Floral Ball Structures at the Wynn in Vegas

    1. At the Wynn the flowers used in the floral balls are fake so they probably used styrofoam balls. When I made floral orbs with real flowers I used the green foam and soaked it in water. They are actually very easy to create and anyone can do it. However, since flowers are expensive, the orbs can be a little pricey because of the amount of flowers used.

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