French Drain Supplies Dropped Off at Brick House 319

Joe, from Waterproofing One, discussed with John the work entailed for the French drain installation.

The agreement: For a fee of $1600, John will do all of the labor installing the French drain. Joe’s foreman, Andy, will coach John on his initial visit when dropping off the waterproofing supplies.

Afterwards, Andy will visit two more times and check on John’s progress. The second visit will be when Andy drops off the 3/4 stone, and his final visit, will be when John is ready to install the sump pump.

All of the material to install the French drain is included in the price as well as removing all of the buckets of dirt from digging 6 inches below the footing.

Normally, Joe would charge $3800 for our water proofing job. Other companies would charge about $5000.

Last week, Andy arrived for his initial visit to drop off the supplies. He coached John for about two hours on how to do the job from start to finish.


Andy delivered 30 (60lb) bags of Quickrete in the back of his truck. This will be used to seal the top of the French drain so that it has a finished concrete look.


John stored the bags in the garage until he’s ready to use them.



The crock and lid is 30″ deep and 23″ wide; this is what houses the sump pump.



A roll of Mira Drain…


A Zoeller 1/3 horsepower sump pump…


The drain sleeve prevents dirt and debris from entering the pipe.

The supply list includes: Perforated white pipe, solid PVC pipe, elbows, check valve, discharge pipe, Silt Rock (100 ft roll) and 3/4 stone.








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