Front Stoop Ideas: Bluestone & Brick

I found two photos of front stoops with flagstone/bluestone landings and treads along with brick risers.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Having brick risers will tie in the brick from the house.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

I also like a brick border for the flagstone walkway. Flagstone is available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from one to four inches. It’s usually bundled on wooden pallets and sold by weight. One pallet (depending on thickness) usually covers 80 to 100 square feet of walkway.


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4 thoughts on “Front Stoop Ideas: Bluestone & Brick

  1. I am so impressed with the work John does on this house. He is amazing and you seem to have a real eye for decor and design. It has been so interesting following your journey from emptying the hoarder’s horde to seeing your house transforming to a lovely home. I would like to continue following your story to see the completed, decorated house. For that reason, I don’t mind making a monetary contribution. How do I do that?

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Thanks so much for following along! On the right side of the blog (if you’re on a computer), it says voluntary subscriptions with four payment options made with PayPal. If you’re on your smartphone, it will appear at the bottom of the blog.

      Thanks for all your comments!

  2. I love both of those porches.

    I also like bluestone. I’ve seen it used and installed on the TV home improvement shows.

    And I *love* brick. Not a lot is used in my city so I put in a brick front wall and walkways. Yeah, it costs but I just love brick.

    With no local bluestone I would go with slate if I was doing my front porch and steps. My Dad got some slate seconds (cut pieces left over from a job) from a local supplier and did the long hearth in front of his corner fireplace that stuck out on both sides of the fireplace along the two adjoining walls. It’s built up to be like a seating area. he got four pieces and only had to cut them a bit to piece a nice long seating area. My Mother has polished that slate over the years and it is a beautiful shiny black now.

    I love the color of the bluestone and know it makes a great surface for foot traffic. The contrast with the brick is lovely. I especially like that second porch with the Toscan pillars and the short walls topped with bluestone for putting pots in front of the steps. With the addition of the urns on the porch it softens the transition from yard to door.

  3. John is an absolute wonder! I’m so enjoying following your story, and look forward to seeing it through to the end with both of you. To that end, I’ve made my subscription and consider it among the best entertainment dollars I’ve ever spent.

    Do you have an estimate of your completion date? I’m sure there is a schedule of some sort that you have established.

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