Getting Closer to Tiling the Guest Bathroom


From where I left off in the previous post, John continued applying thin-set with the notched trowel to the area in front of the shower.


Almost at the threshold where the tile will meet the soon-to-be-installed wood floor in the guest bedroom.


OmniGrip thin-set drying time depends on “ambient temperature.” Since the furnace is off, the drying time was a little longer.


Installing the second piece of backerboard.


Looks good…

imageOnly one more piece of HardieBacker to go…imageimageimageimageimage

It’s sort of like a big 3-piece jigsaw puzzle…


Time to drill the Backer-On screws into the HardieBacker…


Now it’s time to install the HardieBacker walls…


It’s so great to see the beginning of a wall! I’m chomping at the bit for this bathroom to be finished.


And it’s even better to get an idea of what Daltile’s 2″ Black & White Hexagonal tile will look like on the floor. Here we set down two 13″x7″ pieces of floor tile horizontally. And then we turned them vertically.


John has done a few bathroom tile jobs in the past. This tile job will be relatively easy. As with anything, it’s the prep work that has to be done correctly and is time consuming.

For me, when I tile the walls with the subway tile, it will be my first tiling job. I can’t wait to do this DIY project!


Not a day goes by that we don’t venture off to Home Depot. VersaBond is the tile mortar used for tile jobs.


4 thoughts on “Getting Closer to Tiling the Guest Bathroom

    1. Yes, the tile sections need to be “offset.” If you look at the bottom photo, for instance, there are three white tiles running horizontally between the black tiles. Move the tile set on the right down to the next “notch.” But I’ll bet you and John have already figured that out!! Like patterned wallpaper…it’s more expensive because you need more due to the match. Ugh. But it’s going to be gorgeous!!

  1. I like the vertical layout better. But yes, one of those sheets needs to do a 180 to match the pattern.

    Did you buy half pieces for the edges or is John going to cut them? I found cutting the hex tiles to be really difficult.

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