There are tons of books and guides for the beginner greenhouse hobbyist so it took awhile to weed through several before choosing my first book about my newfound hobby.

After perusing books on Amazon I decided on Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion Revised & Expanded by Shane Smith who is the director and founder of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, and undoubtedly a greenhouse expert.

My greenhouse knowledge is limited so after weeding through 20 or so books on greenhouse gardening I believe I chose the best one out there.

This comprehensive book is revised with over 500 pages all written in simple terms combined with a sense of humor. After reading it over the last few days, I now have a rudimentary understanding about getting started with greenhouse gardening

Smith covers everything from growing vegetables, flowers and herbs. Most importantly, for me, I need to know about things like ventilation, heating and thermometers so I don’t damage my plants when temperatures fluctuate from season to season. Secondly, I want to sow seeds at various times during the year and need to know what to do along with keeping the greenhouse productive all winter long.

The in-depth final chapter covers everything that can go wrong, such as pests and diseases, a potential problem with greenhouse growing. Before I bought the book, I was clueless on this topic but now I have a basic knowledge on how to control unwanted insect pests. The two worst pests in a greenhouse are aphids and whitefly.

Two simple tips for beginners is to always inspect your plants to keep them healthy and place a screen across open vents and windows to keep insects at bay.

In a nutshell, this book explains EVERYTHING I need to know as a newbie backyard greenhouse hobbyist and I highly recommend it for those of you who are beginners like me.




  1. I highly recommend using integrated pest management as this method, which I use for the vegetables, flowers and lawn in my yard, is also highly effective in greenhouses of all size. Nematodes, green lacewings & praying mantids have been wonderful to me. 🙂

  2. Hi Sue,

    I’m so glad you’re into the moment! Atta Girl!

    I have to share with you our Hoarder in the ‘Hood has been dehoarded. A big bright red dumpster arrived one day with two very efficient sturdy women who took to the task.

    On day one they very carefully filled about 100 very large heavy duty black plastic bags and double stacked them into it and I thought that was it…. but .. there was more! A week later they returned using a small hauling trailer and got rid of odds and ends, yet of the Hoarder herself, she’s returning to the much more pleasant person she was when I met a few years ago and it’s delightful to note; She’s Back.

    Hopefully, she’ll stay on her meds and continue therapy and won’t revisit the experience again.

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