Grey Gardens is on the Market for 19.995 Million

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons-2009

When I first started my blog almost two years ago I wrote a post about Grey Gardens.

The former dilapidated and crumbling East Hampton, NY home made famous by a 1975 documentary (and a movie with Drew Barrymore) is now on the market for just under 20 million.

Journalist, Sally Quinn, purchased the ramshackle estate in 1979 for $220,000 cash and completely restored it.

The eccentric owners “Little” Edith Bouvier Beale and her mother “Big” Edith Bouvier lived in the cat-infested home until 1977, when “Big” Edith passed away. The mother and sister duo were aunt and cousin to Jaqueline Kennedy.

The documentary is a must-see along with the movie made in 2009. Click here to see 47 photos of the home on WWD. Click here to read a Vanity Fair article.








7 thoughts on “Grey Gardens is on the Market for 19.995 Million

  1. The documentaries and the film were some of the first things I watched when I cut the cord and subscribed to services like HULU, HBO Now and Amazon.

    I did a search and was relieved to read the property had been bought, saved and restored.

    It’s been 35 years so I guess it’s understandable that the property is changing hands.

    I certainly hope the new owners respect and love the property as much as the current owner did.

    I guess it’s too late to buy a lottery ticket and win BIG enough to buy the property.

    1. Your lottery win would have to be big enough for two homes. Once summer is over in East Hampton, it’s “quiet.” Or have enough money to split for the entire winter.

      1. Well, I’m a west coaster and wouldn’t be giving up my home here. Just buying up all of the property around it, razing it to the ground and expanding the grounds, hiring a landscaper and gardener. You know. Squandering my lottery money on privacy and comfort.

        Yes, Grey Gardens would be a summer vacation spot.

        While I love their restoration of the interior I think I love the grounds more. Especially that little covered patio.

        I do hope the new owners hold it as precious as the current ones did. They promised the house would not be demolished. But there are no such stipulations in the current owners selling contract. Looking at it all I can think of is who would buy this for $20 million and then tear it down? But sometimes people can be thoughtless and short sighted.

  2. I’ve watched the movie and the documentary. I always thought if only the daughter had broke away from the mother. She could have had a more “normal” life.

  3. I haven’t watched the movie with Drew, but I absolutely LOVED the documentary! I loved the part where Little Edie was doing her baton twirling. They were both just a hoot! I just wished that they could have kept that beautiful house up.

    They were classic hoarders, weren’t they Sue?

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