Grey Grout with White Subway Tile


I took this photo at the Home Show featuring light grey grout with subway tile.


Grey grout with white tile was a big trend in 2015 and I think it’s going to continue.

6 thoughts on “Grey Grout with White Subway Tile

  1. Yes, I do think that is going to be a timeless look. Not only does it accentuate the tile, but it also gives it a vintage, aged look.

    I do like those simple flat white tiles. The most economic ones. But with different patterns (like that herringbone) and splurging on some nice trim it can be really stunning.

    It’s very neutral, looks great with that marble counter, and I love that they’ve saved a scrap piece to use as a small shelf in that inset.

    I do think that grout looks more beige than gray, but gray, greige and taupe would all work equally well.

  2. I don’t like the light gray. I prefer white on white. I find the gray reminds me too much of a institutional feel. But I also don’t like the white and black hexagon small tiles! We had those in my elementary school bathroom (35 years ago) so I’m sure its just a personal history thing with me.

    1. I have white on white in my bathroom. I loved it when it was new, but unless someone has a good (and preferably not backbreaking) way to keep that white grout looking white, I WILL NEVER AGAIN choose white on white! And please don’t tell me to get a toothbrush and a bowl of water with bleach in it. That ain’t gonna happen. I would love to find some kind of a brush that I could put in my variable speed electric drill so I could get around and behind the toilet – but so far, nothing.

      I would think gray grout would work well.

  3. I love this look. We used a sand colored grout (similar tone) with 1/4 inch separation and matt tiles 10 years ago and it transcends trends. Very similar and it has worked great. Nice choice!

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