GUESS WHERE? Gift Giveaway!

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Can you guess where I took this photo of John?

email the answer (where & what) to for a gift giveaway valued at $50

DO NOT write answer in comment field

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USA Address Only!

Deadline: March 13th!


One thought on “GUESS WHERE? Gift Giveaway!

  1. Don’t forget to tell us where this is. Four days to go.

    All I can tell you is it ISN’T San Onofre nuclear power plant. (Which as been shut down.)

    My best guess would be some sort of observatory, maybe? But it seems kinda small for telescopes.

    So really, haven’t a clue. But it is an interesting photo. John is quite the daredevil, standing on that railing in only flip flops. The pole he’s grasping looks like a snow marker for telling you where the edge of the road is in snow drifts so not Hawaii either.

    Wyoming? They have red dirt and snow.

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