Hardie Siding Progress

Last week, I was optimistic when I assumed the back of the addition would be finished on the second or third day. It’s a time consuming job which involves many cuts. As of today, it’s almost finished.


I took this photo a couple of days ago when John started the lap siding on the east side of the addition; Joe continued installing the straight edge shingle siding on the back.


Each 4′ straight edge board needs to be installed so that the lines are staggered.


The soffit is on order and should arrive next week.


I have to decide on what material to use for the balcony deck; the balcony should have actually been done first before the siding.


Another Project: Grading the backyard and leveling the mound of dirt that we have to constantly walk around (a summer project).


It’s nice to know that we never have to paint the siding–one less job to think about. Honestly, at this point I’m sick of spending money every day at Home Depot.

If we had to buy paint or stain for the siding, I wouldn’t be a happy camper. We’re very happy with choosing fiber cement siding, and for all of you who recommended it, you were all correct.

For anyone who would like to buy it and have it installed by a siding business, it’s expensive. However, it has major perks and also reduces the cost of homeowner’s insurance.

7 thoughts on “Hardie Siding Progress

  1. I love the way the light hits the back of the house in the photo from far away. I think you’re going to love your master bedroom.

  2. Looks good ! Doing a nice job. Just remember the “Twice” rule of construction. When you’re doing a trade you’re not familiar with, it takes twice as long as you thought, and costs twice as much as you thought !! LOL Keep up the good work.
    Your fan,
    Mark the Mason

    1. And you’re always missing one tool.

      At least that’s what I’ve found when I’m doing a project.

      Takes longer, costs more and it turns out there is a tool I need that I don’t have.

  3. It’s a little heartbreaking. Siding goes so fast until you hit windows and doors! I’m glad to hear you still have a helper.

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