Hardie Trim on French Doors & Windows

Yesterday, John and Joe installed 5/4 x 6 Hardie trim around the Kitchen French doors.


The outdoor light will be to the left of the French doors (the wire is visible in the photo).

John has a 6′ Empire level shown leaning up against the house. He also has a 4′ Empire level. True Blue vials are accurate to within 0.0005 in.–the most accurate in the world. Here’s a link to purchase one on Amazon, if you’re interested. (This is an affiliate link. If a purchase is made I make a 4% commission on the sale.)



For the trim on the kitchen window, they ripped a 5/4 x 6 board down the center to 2 5/8. By ripping it down the center, there wasn’t any waste.


Joe installed a drip cap over the kitchen window too.


4 thoughts on “Hardie Trim on French Doors & Windows

  1. Sue:

    I am surprised you don’t have more people just wanting to help because of the blog and mentions in other media…like a “This Old House” team. Trade for free advertising on your blog…

  2. They don’t manufacture trim so John has to make it himself?

    I see the wire for the light now.

    Have you shopped for lighting yet? One of my weaknesses.

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