Heartwood: Whimsical Birdhouses-Made in USA

Sometimes I’ll write a product review after using the product for a while. In this case, it was a year ago when I received a whimsically, hand-crafted bird abode.

I’m wild about this birdhouse which is located about 14 feet high up a tree in a safe and shady spot in the backyard. (Photo taken this morning a year after mounting it to the tree.)

And, yes, birds live in it.

I discovered a small company last year called Heartwood. Two retired home builder brothers started building artisan birdhouses that are not only eye-catching but exceptionally well made. Aside from the fact that the birdhouses are appealing to humans, they’re equally appealing to birds as functional nesting boxes that birds actually use. (About a month after mounting it to the tree, I saw a bird enter the cypress-made dwelling.)

Photo: www.eheartwood.com

In this photo, you can see that the overhang is wide enough  to protect the entrance hole from the rain and keeps predators from reaching in above.

All of Heartwood’s birdhouse designs are crafted with a combination of rustic and whimsical designs. Gaps in the birdhouses allow ventilation for the birds so they’re cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A copper back door on the back allows access for cleanout.

I’d be happy with any birdhouse from Heartwood’s wide and varied collection so I left it up to the owner to surprise me.

When I pulled the Nottingham birdhouse out of the box I thought how interesting to have a birdhouse with an asymmetrical design. I hadn’t seen a design like it anywhere else. The house is constructed with solid cypress wood and the sides of the birdhouse enclose the floor to prevent rain from seeping into the sidewall/floor joint.

It’s a 5-star birdhouse with no detail overlooked.

The best part is that it’s Made in the USA!

10 W x 6D x 15H  in. (3 lbs)

I have this Birdiwampus-Purple  birdhouse on my wish list!


The Nottingham birdhouse was sent to me for review purposes.




4 thoughts on “Heartwood: Whimsical Birdhouses-Made in USA

    1. They are a little expensive but worth it. A few years ago, I asked John to make me a wooden butterfly house. By the time he went to the store and bought the material (about $28) and spent about 3 hours constructing it, I realized why higher price stickers are associated with handmade in the USA products. If we wanted to try selling handmade butterfly houses (not going to happen), we’d have to charge about $88 assuming he paid himself $20 per hour plus the material cost. It’s easier just to buy one made by hand for $88. 🙂

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