Hoarding in Three Bedrooms at Brick House 319

When: August 2014

Where: The Upstairs Bedrooms and Hall Bathroom


This photo was taken on the steps leading to the three bedrooms and hall bathroom upstairs. We think the avocado-colored carpeting is from the 1960s and Bill said the fern-printed wallpaper is original (1954). It was like a time warp. On the stairs, boxes were stacked on the left and books stacked on the right leaving a narrow pathway to walk up. Large, ugly-looking speakers hung on the wall to the right and makeshift shelving was bolted into the ceiling to make room for additional hoarded things. There was exposed wiring that was perplexing to me. Looking straight ahead is the middle bedroom. This is the “Book Room.” I have spoken about it in previous posts. The floor to ceiling books continued through the threshold. (Ham Bedroom is immediately on the left, the Book Bedroom is straight ahead and Bill’s Bedroom is down on the right). If you look to the right, at the highest stack of books, that is the entrance to the hall bathroom. It was impassable. From what we could see, it appeared that the bathroom was long and narrow. Looking in was like looking into a mysterious tunnel.


This is the first bedroom on the left; it’s the smallest bedroom. I stood at the entrance when I took this photo. Bill called it the “Baby Room” because of it’s small size and John called it the “Ham Room” because this is where Bill originally had all of his ham radio equipment. I took the photo at the threshold. Other than the very small area of exposed carpeting, the room was entirely inaccessible. It was stacked floor to ceiling with heavy metal objects, electronics, old file cabinets (the heavy type from the 1960s) as well as boxes. We could not see beyond what you can see in this photo. Looking at the contents, we could feel the weight.


This is the impassable and obstructed entrance to the “Book Room” (second bedroom). Stacked bags blocked the tiny hall linen closet. To the right is Bill’s bedroom. Cassette tapes were perfectly lined up and hanging from the top of the door. It was well over a month before we ever cracked Bill’s bedroom door. It was unknown to us what was on the other side of that door.


Now I am looking past the books and into the hall bathroom. Stacked boxes and books lined each side of the bathroom. It was impossible to know where the tub or shower was located, or the sink, or the closet. We had no idea. The only thing that could be seen was the toilet and an itsy bitsy section on pink and black tile at the base of the toilet. (The tile screamed 1950’s or I should say mid-century since that’s the popular thing to say these days.) Somewhere in this bathroom is access to the attic but we had no clue where. The whole setting was mindboggling. I was curious and had questions but didn’t ask. The only thing I did ask Bill, “Is that the original tile when the house was built.”  He said, “Yes, I believe so.”


Now I have turned around in the upstairs hallway (the bathroom is on the left) and I’m looking down the stairs. You can see the extremely narrow path in the hallway. Actually, we had to be careful walking due to very limited floor space. Downstairs, you can see more floor to ceiling books at the landing, where Bill built a bookshelf to accommodate assorted computer subject books and medical technology books. To the left is the small kitchen. To the right is the front door.


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