Holiday Gift Ideas: Campfire in a Can

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I was sent a Campfire In A Can to review awhile ago. It’s in the backyard at Brick House 319, where on chilly nights, we have lit it up a few times with friends. Actually, several people eyed it in the corner of the yard and said to me, “I like your Campfire.” They had that I-would-love-to-have-one look in their eye. That’s when I realized, I better write my short and sweet review on it.

It’s a really neat gift to give someone who is an “outdoorsy” type or for a homeowner who likes to be outside when it gets chilly. I like to say it’s a portable firepit. It’s easy to operate; just hook it up to a propane tank and turn it on. It’s ideal for camping and just hanging around with friends; just don’t forget the marshmallows!

I have the fire ban-approved propane model ($249.99), so there’s no need to worry about having a small fire in the backyard. It’s lightweight, easy to lift and doesn’t take up much room when storing it away. (There are 3 Campfire In A Can Options).

So if you have someone on your list who is hard to buy for and likes the outdoors, a Campfire In A Can might be the perfect wrapped present to place under the tree (outside)!

Campfire In A Can was sent to me for review purposes!

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