Home Office is Ready for Finish Coat

A couple of weeks ago, John finished the first coat of “mud” in my future home office.


I’m thinking about what color(s) I want for the walls; I might do a faux finish or wall stencils above the chair rail.


We may have found someone to come in to do the finish coat. However, the person hasn’t called back to set up an appointment to look at the house and give us a price.

Most people want the whole job and aren’t open to coming in to do just the “finish coat.”

In the real DIY world, you better know how to do the finish coat because trying to find someone is nearly impossible. One guy said, “I want to get in and out and I do the whole job.”

Moving on…








6 thoughts on “Home Office is Ready for Finish Coat

  1. Ohhh, Venetian plaster! I’m thinking of doing that in my home office and possibly the master bath… but, apparently I’m crazy (according to my husband), lol

    1. It does look nice if done correctly–as I’m sure you know! It would be perfect for a bath or home office. I say go for it, you can always change it if you get tired of it.

  2. My suggestion would be to live with it for a while. Paint it a white, move in and live in it. The color will come to you.

    I did that in my house and only painted rooms little by little after I finally decided what to do. My walls were white for years. Now the only white rooms are the kitchen and bathroom. Likewise all of my ceilings are colored except for the kitchen and bath. I have tall ceilings. I have light gray in the living and dining rooms, dark, dark blue in the library and sewing room/guest room and a periwinkle blue on my bedroom ceiling. The library has dark blue wallpaper. I did stencils in my sewing/guest room. My bedroom is ragged golden yellow so it looks a bit like venetian plaster. I love venetian plaster so that is something you might think about. But you’d have to hire someone to do it. Not really a DIY thing unless you are very experienced.

    1. One day, I’ll have to write about my intensive Faux Finishing week-long class that I took on Long Island over ten years ago; it was when faux finishing was very trendy, books were published left and right about how to do it, classes and workshops popped up everywhere, etc.

      On another note, I love dark blue and I’ve been considering it for one of the rooms.

  3. My bath is small and we did dark blue. Needs to be a big space to carry the color. That said we are going to have that room done again…not DIY this time though. Too old to lay tile anymore with bad knees.

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