How to Install Stringers

John nailed in the three hangars that he bought at Home Depot. He then nailed the stringers to the hangers to secure them in place. In this photo he is checking level on the top step; it was right on.

In 1954, when the home was built, the framers used 2x4s throughout the house except bathrooms and closets. To John’s right there are 2x4s for the hallway/main staircase and to the left, the hall bathroom is framed with 2x3s. They did this to be more cost effective.

John placed the pick plank on the sub floor. The other end of the pick is on an 8ft ladder in the living room. Without the pick, it would be difficult to do this job. Using a ladder would be dangerous because of the flight of stairs below him.

John hammered the stringer hangers in with #10 hot dip galvanized Simpson nails (they’ll never rust).

Tools Used: From left to right – Box of #10 galvanized nails, DeWalt 20V Hammer drill, speed square, corded Sawzall (corded has enough power to cut through anything), 2′ & 4′ levels, Estwing framing Hammer and FatMax measuring tape. Only use FatMax because of it’s rigidity.








3 thoughts on “How to Install Stringers

  1. i don’t even know what hangers are!! but, i so trust and believe, and am AMAZED, at Johns prowess and talent and perserverance that i just follow!! Good luck to you both on this last phase of an amazing journey. We’re so lucky you shared it with us all.

  2. I’ve followed your blog since almost the beginning and found it fasinating to watch the progress. Do you have a target move-in date? You and John deserve to go on a nice, relaxing vacation after you’ve moved in.

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