How to Prep the Bathroom Floor with Thin-set

Before Photo:

Make sure the subfloor is swept completely clean. Using a small brush to reach corners is a good idea.


Looking down at one section of the bathroom subfloor.


Time to dig-in to the bucket of OmniGrip thin-set. Don’t forget to wear knee pads–the best ones are made for tile contractors.


Here’s the other section of subfloor which is at the entrance to the bathroom. The shower enclosure is straight ahead; the shower base is protected with cardboard while work is done in the bathroom.


John started applying the thin-set underneath the window where the toilet will be installed.

If you’re wondering why he’s wearing a hat and four layers of clothing, it’s because the furnace has not been turned on yet. He still has a small amount of insulation to install in a few more bays.

My followers know this entire home renovation is a one man job and everything takes longer.  But soon, I’ll be able to help–I plan on tiling the walls with the subway tile that I received from Daltile.

By then, the furnace will be on and we’ll have running water in this bathroom–and I’ll be all set to start my first tiling job. I can’t wait!!!


To the left is the side of the fiberglass 36″ square shower enclosure.


To the right is the hall bathroom.


I took video of John applying the thin-set but I need to do some editing before posting on YouTube.


After Photo:

The thin-set has been applied to the first section of the subfloor. Next John will install the HardieBacker cement board to this area.


He’ll then continue applying thin-set to the other subfloor section.

Stay tuned…



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