I Bought a Console Table in High Point, North Carolina

I flew to Greensboro, NC, rented a car for a day, and drove about 16 miles to High Point, NC where I checked out the more than 50 furniture stores and outlets.

A few of the outlets are so big that it was actually a little overwhelming. I went to High Point with the thought in mind that there were fantastic buys on furniture but I quickly discovered that good buys were hard to come by. Sure there were pieces on sale, but overall, the prices were pretty much the same as everywhere else.

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I bought this solid oak console table with a large center drawer. It was on sale for $749.00. I plan to use it as a sofa table in the living room.

When I returned home, I found a similar one here for about the same price as the one I bought. It has a nice shelf below for displaying things or stacking coffee table books. Price: $799.00


8 thoughts on “I Bought a Console Table in High Point, North Carolina

  1. Looks like the top on the one you bought opens up into a full size table which is something the other one doesn’t do.

  2. The one you bought is much prettier and looks to be better made. I think you made a good choice!

    We’ve gotten great deals in High Point when they were having sales. It is a good place to get ideas, so many places to look.

  3. You mentioned the table was mahogany. Do you mean a mahogany finish or solid mahogany wood? From the picture it appears to be oak.

    1. I had mahogany on the brain and was half awake when I wrote this post; you’re right, it’s oak. Thanks for catching my error.

  4. When I was looking for furniture for my house I found that buying used furniture in the antique and second hand stores was not only more reasonable than the new furniture I had been looking at but also much better made. Solid wood rather than veneer on particle board, the finishes were lovely and the construction was solid. I have two lovely waterfall end tables and a matching coffee table from the 30s with nice inlaid veneer common to the period and the finish is original and still decent. I eventually bought a dining table and chairs from the 40s, a sideboard (English art deco) and a bed (Italian art deco). Some I bought local and some online. Even with shipping the online purchases were cheaper than their poorly made new counterparts in the stores.

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