I Ordered the Andersen Windows Today!

Our Andersen window order was placed today. I ordered with an Andersen sales rep and paid for the order at Home Depot.

I ordered a total of 25 windows:

-Bay window (400 series) for living room which will be a large double hung in the middle with two double hung flankers at each end.

-Two double hung windows side by side at the lower ground level (if facing garage to the right).

-Two double hung windows for the east side living room (chimney side).

-Two fixed windows above the bay window.

-Awning window for garage on west side of house. And a second awning window for the mudroom overlooking the patio. The measurements are the same for both windows; they are not available in double hung 200 series so we had to get them in 400 series awning.

-Seven double hung windows for the three upstairs bedrooms and two baths in the existing part of the house.

-six double hung windows in new master bedroom and one double hung in new master bath.

-A 400-series casement window for over the kitchen sink overlooking the back yard.

-A box bay window for the kitchen overlooking the patio.

We ordered all the wood windows pre-finished in white with traditional colonial grilles between the glass and screens as well.

Tomorrow, we will price French Doors and sliders for the kitchen and master bedroom.








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